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Kino der Toten



"Entry 741021!"

"Perhaps the station will hold the key to the real goals of group 935."

"I still do not trust my unconventional allies, but they are of great use to me."

"But, I digress. Who would have thought the MDT was capable of time travel?"

"How many stations does this group have?"

"Where did that little girl disappear to?"

"Only time will tell what new questions awaits us in this..."
“只有时间才能告诉我们有什么新的问题在这等待着我们... ...”



Hellhound(地狱之犬)出现时Fetch me their souls!帮我取走他们的灵魂!

Tank Dempsey

英语配音:Steve Blum

英语版配音Steve Blum是“浪客剑心”英文版的志志雄的配音。

与地图设施有关游戏开始时Are you freak n' kidding me?! No Power.你个怪胎跟我开玩笑?没能源啊
Gotta have to get the power on! It's like deja vu all over again.获取武器!怎么似曾相识。
Yep, just as I suspected. We need to get the power on.是的,正如我怀疑。我们需要得到能源
No power, no glory.没能源。
Well well well. Look's like there ain't no power.那么好了。看上去这真没有能源
No power. How original.没能源。好原始啊~
有电源时I always did want a spot on the big screen.我经常想上镜。
使用Pack-a-punchI wonder if Rechtofen has those kind of gears in his head.我想知道是否Rechtofen头上有那种齿轮。
Pack a punch, just like me.能够给于有力的一击 ,就想我
Man... I wish we could replace Richtofen with a hot chick, I'm getting lonely here.我希望我们能够用热小鸡取代Richtofen ,我越来越孤独了
C'mon Pack-a-Punch, you better hurry up!好吧,你最好快一点。
神秘箱子(熊)Haha...hey! Fuck!...fuck you!哈哈... ...哎!他妈的!... ...你他妈的!
Looks like the future hasn't changed anything. Stupid bear.未来看起来像并没有改变任何东西。愚蠢不堪。
与战斗有关攻击时(击倒时)Hey Zombies, you are dying over here.嘿!僵尸,你会死在这里的。
Not a chance in hell, you zom-bitch!在地狱是没有机会,你个僵尸婊子!
You keep coming, I'll keep killing!你来我就杀~
Look out freak bag, I fight back!找出那个怪胎,我把他打跑!
Kick'n ass and getting paid. Two of my favorite things.踢他们的屁股和获得报酬。这两个是我最喜欢的事情。
Shoot em' up!射倒他们~
If I keep this up I'm gonna run out of zombies!我要杀掉所有的僵尸!
Eat again, you nasty squads!干掉他,你个锉队~
Die you undead flesh-whores! 
You have no chance, bone monkeys.你没有机会了,瘦猴~
Oh, yeah. Feel it meet sacks!哦耶,它适合这个口袋!
Gotta give ya credit zombie, you got no quit in ya! 
A tank Dempsey travellers to meet it's worst nightmare!一辆坦克邓普西旅行者将去迎接它最害怕的恶梦!
K to the I to the A Zombitch! 
Richtofen lay off the sourkraut man!Richtofen 解雇了这个酸杂的男人!
Back off meatmouth! 
Look at that mess I made...Oorah.看我制造的混乱哦~
Stay dead cheesehead! 
Argh! Fuck me that smells! 
How do ya like that, creepy crawler!你怎么会喜欢那个蠕动的爬虫!
He just... he just blew all over the place! Wow!他只是他只是炸毁了所有的地方!哇哦!
Lets send those freakbags back to 1946!让我们送这些僵尸回到1946
Okay, woah! That was bad-ass!好的,哇!那是坏蛋!
Killing zombies in one simple step! Batteries no included.用简单的步骤杀了僵尸!电池不包括在内。
Slaying zombies since 1945!1945开始猎杀僵尸!
Enough dead for a Goth party!哥特党死的足够了!
Okay, let's see, a thousand zombies, and one Dempsey; yeah that seems fair.好的,让我们看看,一千个僵尸,一个Dempsey,看起来似乎公平。
Die you undead flesh-addict! 
用炸弹击倒时I hate these ???????? flesh junkeys! 
Hey, freak-bag! You need to learn a way to die!,怪胎!你需要学习怎么死!
Blow them to high hell!把他们吹到高的地狱!
I've gave him credit, he's not about to quit!我已经给了他信用卡。他没打算离开!
I guess they need to get blowed up again!我猜他们需要再一次爆破!
Stupid undead flesh monkeys! You're dead already!愚蠢的亡灵肉猴子!你们死定了!
There's just something so beautiful about blowing shit up!这里有一些美丽的东西吹成狗屎了!
Blood-sucking gutter-slugs you're goin' out Dempsy's style!吸血蛞蝓你正在走出Dempsy的风格!
用匕首击倒时Eat my blade, maggot-sack!吃我的刀片,蝇蛆麻袋!
Taste this, bone-junkie!尝尝这个,骨迷!
Die, DIE!死了,死了!
击倒Hellhound(地狱之犬)时Wow, it just blew up!哇哦,它刚刚被炸毁了!
被击倒时Man down, MAN DOWN!人下来,人下来!
Fuckers caught me napping!笨蛋抢了我的午睡!
Argh... this is embarrassing!这是令人尴尬的!
I hope you choke, meat-sack!我希望你窒息,肉袋!
Lucky bone-sucking maggot-whores... they're reeealy gonna pay now! 
Whatever...even a blind squirrel is right twice a day.无论如何即使是盲目的松鼠一天两次是正确的。
Don't worry, just tripped.不要担心,只是被绊倒了。
So they got a little lucky... WHAT?!他们得到了一点幸运什么?!
弹药耗尽时Hey, player! Drop the chips and get me some ammo!嘿,玩家!删除该芯片给我拿一些弹药!
Damn, I'm out of juice!该死的,我没有果汁了!
Need some more ammo.需要一些更多的炸弹。
Hey, player! We need ammo or we are going down.嘿,玩家我们需要炸弹否则我们要倒下了。
Knee deep in zombie shit with no ammo. Glorious."膝深的僵尸拉屎不带弹药,光荣!
Need some juice soon!马上需要一些果汁!
I need to find some lead or I'm gonna get bored here!我需要找到一些领导否则我要在这无聊死了!
Gonna have to round up some rounds! 
I need more ammunition! Ahh!! Ahh!!我需要更多的弹药!啊!啊!
Hellhound(地狱之犬)出现时Ah, great. This again.啊,好的。再一次。
Time to put you down, puppy dogs!是时候把你撂倒了,小狗!
Fetch my grenade, devil voice!取我的手榴弹,魔鬼的声音!
I aint' gonna be any puppy's chew toy!我不会成为任何小狗咀嚼的宠物!
Bring on the dogs!带上狗!
Fuck you, Fido! 
Down boy!打倒男孩!
That's the last leg you'll ever hump!这是最后一站,你永远驼背!
Eat that ya undead flesh monkeys!吃你这个亡灵肉猴子!
Double Points(双倍点数)Wait, we Are keeping score?等等,我们保持了比分?
Shoot 'em up!扫射他们!
Max Ammo(全弹药)Ammunition on the house.炸弹在房子上。
Whooo! More shit to kill with.哇哦!要杀更多的狗屎。
Man up Zombies, it's time to die. 
Carpenter(木匠)Hahaha! Sorry meat-bag, you're stuck outside!哈哈哈!抱歉肉袋,你再外面被卡住了!
Fire Sale(便宜货)  
取得Perk DrinksJuggernog(力量蛋奶酒)Reach for me, jugger girl. oo-rah. 
Quick Revive(快速复生苏打)Tastes like... fermented herring dipped in cat piss... ugh.尝起来像.发酵鲱鱼的口味蘸猫小便…唉.
Double Tap Root Beer(双塞麦根啤酒)Argh, why is this stuff so damn chewy?唉,为什么这个东西这么难嚼?
Speed Cola(速度可乐)Yeah, that hit the spot.耶!命中了。
取得武器时M14Wonder if they'll even know what hit them.好奇是否他们知道是什么打中了他们。
M16The only thing better than an M16 is, well, two M16s!比一个M16更好的唯一的东西是,两个M16
Ah, the M16. 5.56 millimeter magazine-fed gas-operated sweetness... just like me.啊,M16,5.56毫米枪支的燃气式甜头….就像我。
CommandoTime to die, bone-jaw!是时候死了,颌骨!
GalilYou're ready for party, gutter slugs?你准备加入,天沟弹头?
PM63Hey zombie! Wanna try out my new gun?嗨僵尸!想尝尝我的新枪吗?
AK74uNothing like a SMG!没有什么像SMG
SpectreLittle gun, lot's of holes.小枪,许多的窟窿。
Hk21This is good for taken' names! 
OlympiaI'm gonna spill their guts all over the place, haha!我要把他们的肠撒的到处都是。哈哈!
SPAS-12No more nice guy bone-jaw, I'm gonna kick your ass.没有更多好的人的颌骨,我想踢你的屁股。
HS-10Time to make some noise!是时候制造一些声音!
DragunovWonder if they even know what they hit 'em.好奇是否他们知道是什么打中了他们。
Cz75That's just craptastic!那是奇妙的!
CZ75 Dual  
PythonWell, I see the future hasn't changed anything! Fucking box!好,我看见未来没有一点被改变!毁了盒子!
Ray GunOh, they are gonna dig this!!!喔,他们在挖这个!!!
M72 LAW  
China Lake  
ThundergunYep, this will brought them a lot of pain.是的,这会带给他们许多痛苦。
Check out those cool lights and buttons...查明那些冷光和按钮
Ballistic knife  
Monkey BombMonkey! So glad to see you again, buddy!猴子!很高兴再次看到你,哥们!
Aww, what a cute little bundle of C4!哇,多么可爱的捆绑的C4
Bowie KnifeTime to meet the butcher, meet bags.是时候遇到屠夫了。
取得改造武器时The KraussRefibrillatorThey're about to be busted up real quick.他们打算被快速爆裂。
神秘箱子Can't roll a bet if I can't place the dice!不要开始赌博如果没有我放置骰子!
发现Easter Egg1Looks like part of a meteor.看上去像流星的一部分。
2Here's another one!这里还有一个!
3That has to be the last one.那不得不成为最后一个。
播放歌曲时I found the hidden song! Awesome…我找到这个隐藏的歌了!真棒
肖像画的说明Richtofen的肖像画He's portrait bigger than anyone else is. Must be trying to compensate for something.他的肖像比任何的都大。必须设法弥补一些东西。
Dempsey的肖像画A tale of two Dempseys, starts slow but has a happy ending.两个Dempsey的故事,开始的慢但是有个快乐的结局。
Takeo的肖像画Aww, our little bundle of badass.啊,我们捆绑的小坏蛋。
Nicolai的肖像画Whoa, looks like Nikolai has put on a few pounds. What's he been eatin'?喔,看上去像尼古拉放了一些硬币,他吃了什么?
谜之人物的肖像画Hey look! It's nobody!嘿看!没有人!

Takeo Masaki

英语配音:Tom Kane

与地图设施有关游戏开始时We need to bring light, to this dark place.我们需要将光带给这个黑暗的地方
There seems to be no power!看上去没有力量啊!
There is no power now! Perhaps there never was.现在没力量!可能从来没有。
We should go find the power box.我们应该去找些能量盒。
有电源时Oh, sounds like a big monster attacking the building!噢,听上去像一个大怪物攻击这栋大楼!
使用Pack-a-punchI will Honor this machine, I'll slave many. (?)我将以这个机器为荣,将奴隶许多?
Need a weapon, blessed by the ancestor.需要一个武器,被祖先祝福过的。
Patient, is the virtue to the honorable.(?)耐心,是通往荣誉的美德?
神秘箱子(熊)This box is cursed!这个盒子被诅咒了!
Who is responsible for this!是谁负责这个!
Box no longer here. Maybe it never was.盒子不在这了。或许从来没在这。
This teddy bear, fuels my nightmare!这个泰迪熊,点燃了我的噩梦!
与战斗有关攻击时(击倒时)I send you to your ancestors!我送你去你的祖先那!
You lack focus.你没有焦点。
You kill me? No! I kill you!你杀了我?不!我杀了你!
I curse this!我诅咒这个!
There is no victory, only death.这没有胜利,只有死亡。
Not on this day, torments them all. (?)不在这一天,折磨他们全部?
You, had an unhappy ending. Hahahaha….你,拥有一个不幸的结局。哈哈哈哈
Oh, smells like a rotten Sushi.哦,闻起来像一个烂掉的寿司。
You've been purified.你已经被净化了。
Ah, that thing cannot be ever happen to human.啊,那不可能发生在人类身上。
Take great pleasure in ending you!快乐的结束你吧!
You, leave the Earth, for this playing.你,离开地球,为这个游戏。
We will not stop, until you are all destroyed.我们将不停止,直到你们都被销毁。
Die, monster!死吧,怪物!
You die with no honor!你死,没人会尊重你!
You don't have enough honor to die.你没有足够的荣誉可以去死。
Rotting, from the inside.从里面开始腐烂了。
When I finish, non shall remain.当我完成,不将存在。
Back to nothing but you.后退除了你。
You explode with Honor.你将荣誉的爆炸。
Die, evil beasts! You all kneel before the emperor.死吧,罪恶的野兽!你们会在帝王前面下跪。
Feel the fist of the emperor!感受帝王的拳头!
You cannot survive this.你不可能存活了。
击倒Hellhound(地狱之犬)时Die, demon-spawn!死吧,恶魔再生!
被击倒时This is not how I wish to die!我不想这样死去!
This is without reason!这没有任何原因!
I have fallen into darkness!我掉入了黑暗之中!
被复活时Your karma has approved你的命运被批准了。
弹药耗尽时Need more ammunition!需要更多的炸药!
A true warrior needs no weapon!一个真正的勇士不需要武器!
I have no ammo. I have no honor.我没有炸药了,我没有荣誉了。
I will crush them with my bare hands!我将只用我的双手粉碎他们!
Hellhound(地狱之犬)出现时I fear no dog!我不害怕狗!
取得道具时Nuke(核弹)Let the light of a thousand suns purify your souls!让一千个太阳的光净化你的灵魂!
Destruction rains on the unholy!在这邪恶中毁灭雨!
...Nice timing! 
Double Points(双倍点数)Double the honor!双倍荣誉!
Max Ammo(全弹药)  
Instant-Kill(标准击杀)You will feel the power in my veins!你讲感受到我脉博的力量!
Carpenter(木匠)Quick, kill as many as you can!快,尽你所能的杀!
That will keep them out for a thousand years... eh, a few seconds.那将会保持他们一千年….额,几秒钟。
取得Perk DrinksJuggernog(力量蛋奶酒)  
Quick Revive(快速复生苏打)Hmm, a drink that requires a... mature palette.嗯,一瓶饮料需要一个…成熟的调色板。
Double Tap Root Beer(双塞麦根啤酒)I am fast shooting Eastern cowboy!我正在快速扫射东部牛仔!
Speed Cola(速度可乐)Speed Cola speed up your might! 
取得武器时M14One by one, I shall curse them from afar!一个一个,我诅咒他们!
AUGI cannot be defeated!...Probably...我不可能被击败….可能….
G11I will turn them into red mist!我将把他们带入红雾中!
MPLI will show them the path!我将给他们带路!
PM63I will fire honor at them mightily! 
AK74uThis weapon is lighter than a feather, but twice as deadly.这个武器比一片羽毛轻,但是是致命的两倍。
SpectreLight as a feather, and twice as deadly!跟一片羽毛一样轻,却是致命的两倍!
L96A1I will steal what honor they have left!我会偷他们掉下的荣誉!
CZ75A worthless weapon, from an honorless box!一个没有价值恶毒武器,来自一个没有荣誉的盒子!
CZ75 Dual  
PythonThis does not suit a warrior!这不适合一个战士!
Ray GunThis gun fires pure honor!这把枪开火纯粹的荣誉!
M72 LAW  
China Lake  
ThundergunI have acquired the Thundergun!我已经获得了雷霆枪!
Ballistic knife  
Monkey BombThe Emperor would be amused!帝王将被逗乐!
Bowie Knife  
墙上武器I need more honor!我需要更多的荣誉!
神秘箱子I am not yet ready for the ways of the box.我没准备好开盒子的方法。
发现Easter Egg1I found a piece of the meteor!我找到了一片流星!
2I found another piece of the meteor! Maybe they stole this from Japan!我找到了另一片流星!或许他们从日本偷来的!
3I have found a grand secret!我发现了一个巨大的秘密!
肖像画的说明Richtofen的肖像画Honor to the doctor!有荣誉称号的医生!
Dempsey的肖像画Here is a picture of an ugly American! Eugh!这里有一幅丑陋的美国人的照片!额啊!
Takeo的肖像画A picture of a great warrior!一个伟大的战士的照片!
Nicolai的肖像画The Russian is so drunk, I can smell his breath through this portrait!俄罗斯人醉成这样,我能从这肖像中闻到他的呼吸!
谜之人物的肖像画Perhaps what once was, is no more, but shall be again!或许曾经是,现在是没了,但应了!

Nicolai Belinski / Николай Белинский

英语配音:Fred Tatasciore

与地图设施有关游戏开始时Maybe someone should go turn on the power now.也许现在有人应该去打开能源了。
No power! Just like home!没有能源!就像家!
I think we need to do something about the power.我认为我们需要一些能源
Who didn't pay the electric bill?谁没交电费?
We should go find the fuse box.我们应该去找保险丝盒。
使用Pack-a-punchThis is like standing in grocery line!这就像在杂货店排队!
Power and accuracy! The gun is pretty too.能源和准确性!该炮是太漂亮了。
Hurryhurryhurryhurryhurryhurry.......come on!!快快快快 .......加油!
神秘箱子(熊)This little girl and her games. It's a sign of bad parenting.这个小女孩和她的游戏。这是一个坏父母的标志。
First it takes my money, then it disappears... just like my fourth wife!首先,带上我的钱,然后消失... ...就像我的第四任妻子!
与战斗有关攻击时(击倒时)You cannot even beat a drunk Soviet!你甚至不能击败一个醉酒的苏联人!
Out of my way piz-da!滚蛋!
The Red Army cannot be overun!红军不能推翻!
Die, Satan's minions!撒旦的爪牙!
You got slime on my new shirt! Now I have to dry clean!你弄脏了我的新衬衫!现在我要干干净净!
This fucking gun is amazing!这他妈的枪是太惊人了!
Have a round on me! Get it? A "round"? Eh.. never mind, fuck you.我有一个圆!怎么做呢?一个""?嗯..没关系,你他妈的。
Don't slip in the slime!不要滑倒!
What is that smell? Maybe I sharted...那是什么味道?也许我害怕了...
You got slime on my uniform!你弄脏了我的制服!
That smells disgusting... like my fourth wife. She pretty though... pretty and smelly, weird combo.这气味令人作呕... ...像我的第四任妻子。她虽然漂亮... ...很臭,怪异的组合。
Like the Fist of Stalin... up your ass!像斯大林拳抬高你的屁股!
Feel the might of the Red Army!感受是红军!
Hey, you left your arm behind!嘿,把手放到背后!
From Russia with great affection!俄来自俄罗斯的伟大亲情!
You fall like coddled bourgeois!你倒下就像官僚!
Stay away from my vodka! What? It's a classic!远离我的伏特加!什么?这是一个经典!
Now that's what I call a goulash!这就是我所说的炖牛肉!
Now they're here, now they're not. Such is life in the...ah, fuck you.现在,他们在这里,现在他们还没有。这就是在生活中... ...啊,你他妈的。
Explosives make things so much easier!炸药使事情变得更轻松!
BOOM! You are dead!BOOM!你死了!
Do svidaniya, bitches!不要svidaniya,母犬!
Never mess with a Russian when drinks are on the line!切勿乱用俄罗斯饮料就行了!
Die, demon hell-pigs!恶魔地狱猪!
I just killed a billion zombies... why is no one helping?我刚杀一亿僵尸...为什么没有人帮助?
I like it rough, but not that rough.我喜欢粗糙,但不是那种粗糙。
You know how to say "owned" in Russian? OWNT!你知道怎么说,在俄罗斯"拥有"
No it's my vodka! MINE! MY OWN!不,它是我的伏特加!我的!我自己的!
No touchie! ...I have issues.没有touchie ... ...我有问题。
You are dead now! But you were dead before! Ahh fuck you!你死了!但是,之前你死了! AHH你他妈的!
You see what happens when you touch Nikolai!?你看看会发生什么,当你触摸尼古拉!?
用匕首击倒时Die by the hand of Nikolai! Hey, that rhymes...尼古拉的手!嘿,这押韵...
Die now, son of bitch!模具现在,狗娘养的!
Nikolai cannot die! Hey, that rhymes!尼古拉不能死!嘿,这押韵!
击倒Hellhound(地狱之犬)时Out of my way, suka!闪开,苏卡!
Die, demon-spawn!去死!
No soul for you!没有灵魂!
"Ugh...I think I got fur in my mouth"... ...我觉得我吃了毛皮!
OW! My shins!噢!我的小腿!
Hey, what's that? Oh, crawler!嘿,那是什么?哦,履带!
被击倒时Well, maybe I have time for drink.好吧,也许我有喝茶的时间。
I have made mess in trousers...我的裤子一塌糊涂...
Do not leave me to the maggots!不要丢下我面对这些蛆!
Oh, I feel stupid...哦,我觉得自己很蠢...
Come back! Nikolai can still fight!回来!尼古拉仍然可以战斗!
被复活时Wha-what? I was only taking a nap!WHA -什么?我只是睡午觉!
You see what happened to me, there were thousands!你看发生了什么事对我来说,有成千上万!
All right, all right, I'll get up all ready, sheesh..... like mother.好吧,好吧,我就起床都准备好,sheesh .....像母亲。
What? Break-time's over now?什么?休息时间的结束了?
How do you say... "thank you" in Idiot?你怎么说... ... "谢谢你"傻瓜?
弹药耗尽时Running low on ammunition!所剩无几的弹药!
Running low on ammo! I'm drunk...所剩无几的弹药!我醉了... ...
It's that clicking again! Oh, ammo!就这么一下了!哦,弹药!
I'm out of ammo! Maybe I should just drink instead... piss on someone...我出来的弹药!也许我应该只是饮料代替...小便的人... ...
When did I run out of ammo?我什么时候用完了弹药?
Why is no one caring about my lack of ammo?为什么没有人关心我没有弹药了?
Greedy capitalists dogs! Give me ammo!贪婪的资本家狗!弹药给我!
Why am I always needing more ammo?为什么我总是需要更多的弹药?
If I don't find ammo, I'll have to kill them with my breath!如果我没有找到子弹,我要杀死他们用我的气吸!
Hellhound(地狱之犬)出现时Come play "Fetch the Grenade", demon-spawn!快来玩"取手榴弹",卵!
They're trying to fetch our souls again!他们试图获取我们的灵魂了!
You don't want my soul, it probably tastes like vodka. Mmm... vodka.你不想要我的灵魂,它可能像伏特加酒的口味。嗯... ...伏特加。
A salute to the nuclear bomb!向核弹敬礼!
I drink to the nuclear bomb!为核弹干杯!
Double Points(双倍点数)It is happy hour!这是欢乐时光!
Vodka for everybody!伏特加为大家!
Max Ammo(全弹药)Just what the doctor ordered!正是医生命令!
Why am I so heavy now?为什么我会这么重呢?
This is proper socialist reform!这是正确的社会主义改革!
Instant-Kill(标准击杀)Nikolai is coming for you!尼古拉是来为您服务的!
Carpenter(木匠)Thank you!... disembodied little girl voice!谢谢!...无形的小女孩的声音!
Great, I don't have to do anything!太好了,我没有做任何事情!
This will keep them out for a while...这将让他们忙一阵了... ...
取得Perk DrinksJuggernog(力量蛋奶酒)Reach for vodka tooooniiiiggghhht...今晚能拿到伏特加..
Quick Revive(快速复生苏打)I think Dempsey is right. It is a bit fishy.我认为Dempsey是正确的。这是一个有点腥。
Double Tap Root Beer(双塞麦根啤酒)My tap is doubled, but not my vodka.我的自来水是一倍,但不是我的伏特加酒。
Speed Cola(速度可乐)Why can I see so clearly now?为什么我看到这么清楚呢?
取得武器时M14Holding this up makes my arms so tired!拿这个使我的手臂累!
Hey, snipers may wear diapers, but we get all the ladies.嘿,狙击手可以穿尿布,但我们得到所有的女士们。
Great! I can camp now! I hate moving around so much...太好了!现在我可以露营了!我讨厌这么多走动... ...
FN FALI love this effing gun! Get it? FN? Just like... fuck!我喜欢这个effing枪!怎么做呢? FN?就像...他妈的!
GalilI've got ninety-nine problems, but a gun ain't one, da!我有99个问题,但枪不是问题,哒!
OlympiaA shotgun, now I just need a shot glass! He he!猎枪,现在我只需要一个小酒杯!他就是!
DragunovSnipers may wear diapers, but they get all the ladies!狙击手可以穿尿布,但他们得到所有的女士们!
CZ75 DualAh, two pistols are better than one! And one pistol is better than... what?啊,两支手枪,胜过一个!一个手枪优于...什么?
I will be able to take them out gangsta' style now!我可以带他们脱离匪帮的风格吧!
PythonWhy? Why do you treat me like this?为什么呢?你为什么这样对待我?
Ray GunI drank so much, I moved to the future!我喝了这么多,我搬到了未来!
Hello Ray. Would you like to taste my vodka?你好,雷。你想品尝我的伏特加吗?
This looks like it comes from space, no?这看起来像是从太空来了,不是吗?
M72 LAW  
China LakeThis makes Nikolai very happy, like first date! ...I bring home flowers!这使得尼古拉很高兴,就像第一次约会! ... ...我带回家花!
ThundergunSuch power... Such pride! It must be Russian made!这种能源...这样的骄傲!它必须是俄制的!
This must be vodka power.这一定是伏特加的力量。
Ballistic knife  
Monkey BombFuck you, monkey!他妈的你,猴子!
I hate those fucking Monkeys.我讨厌那些他妈的猴子。
Bowie KnifeSuch strength, such craftsmanship. Must be made in other land.这样的实力,这样的工艺。必须在其他土地。
点数不够 Please, I have no job!拜托,我没有工作!
神秘箱子Oh well, maybe I'll just sit here and nap.哦,好吧,也许我就坐在这里休息。
What!? That stripper must have stolen my money!什么!?这脱衣舞娘一定偷了我的钱!
发现Easter Egg1Oh I found a rock, great.哦,我发现了一个石头,太好了。
2I found another rock... but no vodka!我发现了另一个岩石...但没有伏特加酒!
3Here's the last one... what do I win?下面是最后一个...我赢了什么?
播放歌曲时Hey guys, I found something neat!嗨,我发现非常整洁!
肖像画的说明Richtofen的肖像画Richtofen looks a little younger in this picture.在这张照片Richtofen显得有些年轻。
Dempsey的肖像画Hey Dempsey! I think they got your bad side!嘿,登普西!我认为他们了解了你不好的一面!
Takeo的肖像画I hate you, Takeo.我恨你,武夫。
Nicolai的肖像画Well, they do say the screen puts on ten pounds.好了,他们说,屏幕上放10磅。
谜之人物的肖像画Hey! Someone took the picture!嘿!有人拿着照片!

Edward Richtofen

英语配音:Nolan North

Oh joy! No power!哦喜悦​​!没有能源!
Ja, ja, the power needs to be turned on.JA,JA,电源必须打开。
I cannot torture my minions without power... Dempsey, you go turn it on.没有能量我不能折磨我的奴才...登普西,你去打开它。
Powerpowerpowerpower! It's always the first priority!能量能量!它总是第一优先!
There is no power, how suspicious... or OBVIOUS!有没有能量,好可疑... ...或明显!
有电源时They are shaking down the roof, what a pity!他们正在摇晃了屋顶,多么可惜!
使用Pack-a-punchI'm going to kill SOOO many now.现在我要杀死许多人。
The Fatherland would be so proud! Such a shame...祖国会如此自豪!这样的耻辱... ...
This machine takes so long!这台机器需要这么长!
神秘箱子(熊)Maybe you move it... because you like me?也许你感动了...因为你喜欢我吗?
Samantha?would you night tell me about this?萨曼莎?你晚上告诉我这个了?
 攻击时(击倒时)Ah, the smell of delicate flesh, ja...啊,细腻的果肉味道... ...
Do you feel it? Oh I hope you did...你觉得呢?哦,我希望你做... ...
Yes, COME TO ME, minions!是的,来找我,奴才!
I take your pain, I could destroyed it,And I take it up!我把你的痛苦,我可以破坏它,我需要它!
It hurts, doesn't it? GOOD!它伤害了,不是吗? GOOD!
The life has been sucked out of that one生命已被吸出来的那一个
Aaaand... he is no longer with usAaaand ...他不再跟着我们
Little organ parts for everyone!每个人的小器官!
Oh, it's the lovely blood!哦,这可爱的血!
How can I hear the screams when it has no mouth?我怎样才能听到惨叫声,当它没有嘴?
Oh, the showers of the damned!哦,该死的阵雨!
Fountains of sorrow...悲哀泉涌... ...
Yes, YES, explode!是的,YES,爆炸!
All hail the Fuhrer...所有冰雹的元首... ...
Where did it go? I don't know!哪儿去了?我不知道!
Do you like my glowing green balls?你喜欢我的泛着绿色的球?
Poof! You are gone!噗!你都不见了!
He's become random bits of joy!他已经成为欢乐的随机位!
The powers of nature at my fingertips!在我的指尖有大自然的神力!
They are hurting... we must help them!他们受伤了... ...我们必须帮助他们!
This is MY creation! And I will destroy it! AND clean it up!这是我的创作!而我将摧毁它!与它清理干净!
yes..!Ja, ja... DIE!!!是的..JAJA …死!
Don't be afraid of death, be afraid of THE DOCTOR!!!不要害怕死亡,不要害怕医生!
Now! take your medichine!现在!把你的medichine!
Feel the power! of doctor Richtofen!感受力量!医生Richtofen!
No, no! You're not supposed to fall apart like that!不,不!你不应该下降,除了像!
He can no longer fight, he is DISARMED! Ha ha!他再也不能打,他撤防!哈哈!
Look at it, crawling to me!看看吧,给我爬!
It has no legs, but still moves. Interesting.它没有腿,但仍动作。有趣。
Dempsey, if you had a brain for everytime you had a headshot...you'd be stupid登普西,如果您有对每次你有一个爆头大脑... ...你是愚蠢的
I can smell my own blood! FEAR ME!我可以闻到自己的血!怕我!
Just DIE!刚死!
How DARE you touch the doctor?你怎么敢摸医生?
No touching the doctor, unless he asks...无接触的医生,除非他问...
Ah, smell so wunderbar!啊,闻起来!
No more Doctor Nice Guy!没有更好的医生了!
击倒Hellhound(地狱之犬)时Go back to Maxis, Samantha!回到Maxis公司,萨曼莎!
My mother told me to stop hurting animals.我母亲告诉我停止伤害动物。
What have you done for POOR PUPPIES!?你对这个可怜的小狗做了什么!?
Get off my legs, minion!离开我的腿,走狗!
被击倒时No, no. I am not ready for hell, I don't even have my good shoes.没有,没有。我不准备为地狱,我什至不有我的好鞋。
No...!You cannot be! I'm down!!..!你不能!我下来!
被复活时I'll get you something nice when this is over.我当这是一件好事了。
I am ALIVE!!!我还活着!
Did the voices tell you to save me?难道声音告诉你救我?
Ja, danke!JA,丹科!
弹药耗尽时Without bullets I will have to resort to... STABBING!没有子弹我将不得不诉诸...刺!
Low on ammo!没弹药!
How can I be running out of ammo!?我怎样才能运行的弹药了!?
I need to find some ammunition...ahh...ahhh!()我需要找到一些弹药... ... ahhh AHH!(泣)
No ammo is no fun!没有弹药没有乐趣!
I have no ammunition.我没有弹药。
no wounds, NO JOY!无伤口,没有快乐!
Hellhound(地狱之犬)出现时My mommy say don't hurt animals any more!我的妈妈说,不要伤害任何动物了!
My poor little accidents... STAY AWAY!我可怜的小意外... ...远离!
oh... the poor little doggy's!哦... ...可怜的小狗的!
取得道具时Nuke(核弹)They seem to have all gone boom!他们似乎经历了繁荣!
The flames... of the damned!这火焰... ...该死的!
Double Points(双倍点数)MORE SCORE!更多得分!
I am paid for pain!我付出的痛苦!
I get double the points because of my efforts!我是因为我得到双倍的努力点!
Max Ammo(全弹药)A gift from Sam? But why!?来自山姆礼物?但是,为什么!?
More time to play with my pretty ones!更多的时间来发挥我的漂亮的!
Ammo to the max, ja?弹药的最大,JA?
Instant-Kill(标准击杀)I feel some power!我觉得有些力量!
Carpenter(木匠)This must be the work of the Masons.这必须是泥瓦匠的工作。
取得Perk DrinksJuggernog(力量蛋奶酒)Yes! She sounds like a sweet little specimen.是的!她听起来像一个可爱的小样本。
Quick Revive(快速复生苏打)For the revival of the un-fittest!优胜劣汰的复兴!
Double Tap Root Beer(双塞麦根啤酒)  
Speed Cola(速度可乐)I can't be sure but I think the active ingredient rots your mind.我不能肯定,但我觉得你的头脑活性成分腐烂。
取得武器时M14Yes, now their kidneys will be all MINE! And none for you, Dempsey.是的,现在他们的肾脏都将是我的!而不属于你,登普西。
Oh, this is just so heavy!哦,这就是这么重!
FN FALI like the funny noise it makes!我喜欢有趣的噪音!
MP5KWhat? The voices are louder!什么?响亮的声音!
MP40MP40! Wunderbar!MP40! Wunderbar!
Of course they still have the BEST WEAPON EVER MADE HERE!当然,他们仍然是有史以来最好的武器!
HK21They will submit to darkness... YES!他们将向黑暗... ... YES!
OlympiaYes, my children, I am coming!是的,我的孩子们,我来了!
StakeoutAn autopsy is more easily performed with a shotgun.验尸更容易进行了猎枪。
SPAS-12Ja, this make a big hole! I like it...JA,这使一个大洞!我喜欢它... ...
DragunovI can kill more than one at a time!一次我可以杀更多!
L96A1Ugh, this is just so... heavy.唉,这就是这么...重。
CZ75 Dual  
PythonAhaha....what is this?Ahaha ....这是什么?
Ray GunIt`s a Ray Gun!光线枪!
M72 LAW  
China LakeI will please you now... THE VOICES!我会请你现在... ...的声音!
ThundergunCould it be? The DG-3!难道?在DG - 3!
Could this be the DG-3, the DG-3 that is just for me?难道这是DG - 3,DG - 3,这只是我?
So THIS is what Maxis was keeping secret!因此,这是就是Maxis公司保密的东西!
Ballistic knife  
Monkey BombWhy do they love you so much, little monkey?他们为什么爱你这么多,小猴子?
Bowie Knife  
取得改造武器时 I gonna kill SOOOOOO many now!我要去杀死SOOOOOO很多吧!
墙上武器What?! I am nothing but a peasant!什么?我只是一个农民!
发现Easter Egg1I found a piece of the meteor!我发现了一块流星!
2I found another rock! Maybe they stole this from Japan...我发现了另一个石头!也许他们是从日本偷走的...
播放歌曲时I have found a magnificent tune!我发现了一个美妙的调调!
肖像画的说明Richtofen的肖像画Oh look, its me... but not quite as magnificent!哦,看,它的我...但不是很壮观!
Dempsey的肖像画Hello Dempsey. Oh, wait, its just a portrait... AN UGLY ONE!您好登普西。哦,等等,它只是一个肖像...难看!
Takeo的肖像画Oh, it's a picture of the Monkey Bomb!哦,这是一个猴子炸弹图片!
Nicolai的肖像画It's eyes are following me!它的眼睛盯着我!
谜之人物的肖像画This one did not photograph so well.这其实没有照片这么好。

Kino der Toten(广播)


关卡开始时Power level: critical. Major system: Offline.能量水平:关键。主要系统:离线。
启动电源时Power restored. We are now at DEFCON 1. Security lock down active.电力恢复。我们现在正处在DEFCON1。安全锁定活跃。
Pentagon Theif(五角大楼小偷出现时Warning. Breach detected on Level 3. Initiate security protocol 115.警告。违反检测到3级。启动安全协议115
改造房间开门时Attention. We are now at DEFCON 5. Security loc kdown lifted.注意。我们现在在DEFCON5。安全锁定解除。
从改造房间出来时Attention. We are now at DEFCON 1. Security lock down active.注意。我们现在正处在DEFCON1。安全锁定活跃。

※DEFCON是DEFence CONdition的略写,是显示美军使用的防御体制级别。战争准备体制分为5阶段表示,5为平时,1为进入完全战争准备态势(非常时期)。

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

英语配音:Both Jim Meskimen
Chriss Anglin
日语配音:こぶし のぶゆき


与地图设施有关游戏开始时We'll be judged more of what to do now than anywhere else.我们将做什么来判断现在应该来做什么~
使用Pack-a-punchAsk not what your gun can do for you, but what you can do for your gun.不要问你的枪能为你做什么,而是你可以为你的枪做什么。
This better pack a significant punch.显着的一拳。
Today, would be nice.今天,会很好。
Ah, any day now.啊,任何一天。
Public speaking is the odd, deluding a two minute idea with a two hour vocab.公众演讲是很古怪的,2分钟想法花上2个小时的词汇。
神秘箱子(熊)A challenge it is then, I'll take it.这是一个挑战的话,我会接受它。
Teddy bear, you and me are about to have words.泰迪熊,你和我通话
与战斗有关攻击时(击倒时)Take that, skinny!听好,瘦!
You're all pardoned!你所有的赦免!
I am all that stands between the dead and the white house!我所有的死者之间和白宫代表!
Inaugurate this, mobilize!开创这一点,动员!
The pay is good that I can walk to work!薪酬是好的,我可以走路上班!
They should put my face on the silver dollar!他们应该把我的脸放在银元上!
Taste the flavor, chopper.品尝风味,菜刀。
Just like the Solomon isles!就像索罗门群岛!
Pain is temporary, pride is forever!疼痛是暂时的,是永远的骄傲!
On this earth, gods work is in our hands. Haza!在这个地球上,神的工作是在我们手中。哈杂!
Killing and ending are indispensable to each other.杀戮和结束是必不可少。
I know there is a devil, for I see a storm coming, and his hands in it!我知道有个魔鬼,因为我看到了暴风雨的来临,他的双手吧!
Don't lose an arm in my account.不要输在我的手臂上。
More fun than stumping for votes!以上选票stumping乐趣!
Forgive your enemies, but Never! Ever! Forget their names!原谅你的敌人,但从来没有!曾经!忘记他们的名字!
I do what I must!我做我必须的!
Who's your president now, stale skin?现在谁是你们的总统,陈旧的皮肤?
Never fight out of fear, but never fear to fight!不要恐惧战斗
You just got jacked!你刚到力压!
Ich bin ein Berliner!ICH斌EIN柏林!
The beast of Boston! Uraaa!波士顿的野兽! Uraaa!
Man may die, but the walking dead live on.人可能死亡,但行尸走肉生活。
Don't beg, its only becoming.不要乞求,成为其唯一的。
Executive order, 112477. Die!行政命令,112477。死!
I have to move fast, to even stand still!我必须迅速行动,甚至停滞不前!
Geez! You dropped something.吉兹!你丢弃的东西。
Fail miserably, achieve greatly!惨遭失败,实现大大!
Negotiations! One piece at a time.谈判!其中一幅一次。
I'll put that limb next to my Pulitzer.我要把我的肢体旁边普利策。
Ah, the smell! I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.啊,有臭味!我想我只是在我嘴里扔了一点点。
用炸弹击倒时Let no man put us under. Hah!让任何人把我们之下。哈!
You're making a mess on my floor, bunches!你使我的地板上,串一个烂摊子!
O say can you see… Boom!Ø说你能看到... ...轰!
By the dawn's surely light… BaBoom!到了黎明的光... BaBoom肯定!
You're better than that, Jack. Get it together!你比这更好的,杰克。获取一起来!
Back to the stone age, buba's!回到石器时代,布巴的!
受到伤害时Do I look like I have a foot fetish?你看我像我有恋足?
You can only get this close if I get your votes!你只能得到这种密切,如果我知道你的票!
被复活时I never hope for an easy life, just to be a stronger man.我从来没有希望安逸的生活,仅仅是一个强大的男人。
My country thanks you.国家感谢你。
Huh? I was just resting my eyes.咦?我只是休息我的眼睛。
Back and better than ever!回到比以前更好!
子弹即将耗尽Gun gage is pointing at E!枪是指向E!
Need a mag like yesterday.需要一个像昨天MAG。
弹药耗尽时Ah, need some beans for the chowder here!啊,需要的杂烩一些豆类在这里!
Ammo! That's an order!弹药!这是命令!
I seem to have no more rounds.我似乎没有更多的回合。
Ah, no ammo!啊,没有子弹!
No ammo, pass the buck!没有弹药,推卸责任!
Your president needs slugs!你们的总统需要蛞蝓!
取得道具时Nuke(核弹)Understatement of the century.轻描淡写的世纪。
And that's how you push the button.而这就是你按下按钮。
M to the A to the D!MD的一个
Gave proof thro' the night.That our flag was still there… Boom!给证明thro"的night.That我们的旗帜依然存在... ...轰!
Double Points(双倍点数)Twice the man I used to be.我曾经是男人。
I'm seeing in two's.我看到两个的。
Double the pleasure, double the pain.双重的快感,双重的痛苦。
Max Ammo(全弹药)Ah, this works!啊,这个作品!
Ah, just what the doctor ordered!啊,正是医生命令!
Your country thanks you.您的国家感谢你。
Instant-Kill(标准击杀)Good old fashioned, Irish beat down!好老土,爱尔兰打下来!
I am all that is man!我完全是男人!
I'm coming for you all!我来为大家!
Can you dig it?你能挖吗?
Carpenter(木匠)Ah, should buy us some little times.啊,我们应该买一些。
Public work adds to its finest.公共工程的增加使它最优秀。
Build faster than a communist building a wall.比共产主义建设更快。
Time to repair the barricade, is when the sun is shining.当太阳高照修复时间的路障。
Fire Sale(便宜货)  
Bonfire Sale(优惠品)  
Death Machine(死亡机器)  
取得Perk DrinksJuggernog(力量蛋奶酒)Ah, hail to the chief.啊,冰雹。
Quick Revive(快速复生苏打)Argh, in Navy for years, I've never tasted anything that fishy.Argh,在多年的海军服役中,我从来没有吃过任何腥的东西。
Double Tap Root Beer(双塞麦根啤酒)Let's pull the trigger on these scum drivers.让我们对这些败类叩动扳机。
Speed Cola(速度可乐)Feelin' sp-peedy!感觉有点速度!
取得武器时M14This will slow the undead murotters right straight to the ground.这将减缓不死murotters有权直接向地面。
I'm an idealist…with this sniper rifle.我是一个理想主义者... ...这狙击步枪。
Hail to the chief, baby.冰雹,宝贝。
OlympiaThis is my sword. My Excalibur.这是我的剑。我的神剑。
Bowie KnifeGood balance, good weight, lets dig in.良好的平衡,良好的重量,挖开
Ak74Full-auto zombie slain death, in pawns of my hand.全自动僵尸被杀死后,在我的手上
M16If I am strong, my strength will speak by itself.如果我强,我的实力会说话。
Human mind is a fundamental resource.人的心灵是一个根本的资源。
MP5KI like this, a lot.我喜欢这个,很多。
Monkey BombHey, fighto, I got your brother in my hand.嘿,fighto,你的兄弟在我手上。
RPKSecure peace by prepping for war.安全和平的战争准备推出。
With great power, comes great responsibility.大国,来自伟大的责任。
Rack'em up!袭击他们了!
SpectreRapid fire, hells fire.快速火,地狱火。
CZ75 Dual WieldThey don't call me Jack for nothin'.他们不叫我杰克叫我傻逼。
AUGI hold the key to peace in my hands.我拥有和平的关键。
SPAS-12Big gun for a bullet sponge.子弹海绵。
Munches, ride shotguns.Munches,猎枪。
StakeoutGonna make some Zed chowder.要去作一些捷思杂烩。
L96 A1Argh, don't want to get too close. Their dupe stains.Argh,不想靠得太近。他们有污渍。
M72 LAWTime for a Zombie Missile Crisis.一具僵尸导弹危机。
China LakeNow this, is Power!现在这,就是力量!
G11This, will stand the dead tide.这将死伤无数。
I'll take them all down.我会带他们都有所减少。
Hk21I shall not be afraid to use this.我不害怕使用它。
Winter's HowlI'll stop them in their tracks!我将停止在其轨道他们!
CommandoNothing better than a MG, except being president.没有什么比MG更好的,除了当总统。
GalilAs Teddy Roosevelt once said, work softly and carry a BFG.正如罗斯福曾经说过,温柔工作和携带BFG
PythonWhat kind of bad luck is this!这样的坏运气!
取得改造武器时R115 ResonatorGimme, gimme.GIMME,GIMME。
L115 Isolator 
China Beach 
PhantomIt's go time.是时候去了~
Hk115 Oscillator 
R115 Resonator  
Calamity & JaneThings do not happen, they are made to happen.事情没有发生,他们所做的发生。
M72 Anarchy 
Winter's Fury 
Typhoid & Mary 
AUG-50M3This baby is hungry for some hungries.这个婴儿是一些饿了。
G115 Generator 
SPAZ-24Finally. Let's do this.最后。让我们做到这一点。
D115 Disassembler 
点数不够Pack-a-punchC'mon, I'm good for it!来吧,我为它好!
神秘箱子I'm the president of the United States! Open!我是美国总统!打开!

Robert Strange McNamara

英语配音:Robert Picardo

与地图设施有关游戏开始时Electricity is required to continue this war.继续这场战争是需要能源的。
使用Pack-a-punchHurry it up.快点起来。
My patients will last me long.我的病人会活的比我长
This thing takes longer than cutting through a red tape.这件事情需要较长的时间
Reminds me of lesson 6, get the data.我想起第6课,得到的数据。
与战斗有关攻击时(击倒时)The time is now!到时候了!
Big mac attack!巨无霸攻击!
Die, now.死哦,现在。
Living dead maybe, but I'll still outlive ya!活死人可能,但我还是会活得比亚!
Back to hell, daemon spawn.回到地狱,守护产卵。
Remember my favorite show, "I dismember mama"!记住我最喜爱的节目,"我肢解妈妈"!
Death, to death!死亡,死亡!
Piece by piece, you will fall.一块一块,你也会下降。
Really I have only just begun.我真的才刚刚开始。
Just another day at the office.只是另一天在办公室。
Be gone, deamons.消失,deamons。
At the end, we have single defence policies. Death to Zombies!最后,我们有一个国防政策。去死僵尸!
Each zombie dead is another man living.每个僵尸的死是另一个人的活。
This is how one stimulates progress.这是怎样的刺激进步。
Die again, and again, and again and again and again♪死死死死死!
No dog tags, no dice!没有狗牌,没有骰子!
USA! USA!美国!美国!
Death to dead!死!
Calculate that, chopper!计算出,菜刀!
You are the sickness, I am the medicine.你是病人,我的药。
Chance of you touching me again is… Zero!你摸我了... ...机会是零!
用炸弹击倒时Jealous your insides, devil!嫉妒你的内脏,恶魔!
Boom ! Period.轰!期。
Things go boom, usually die.事情的热潮,通常死亡。
They didn't call me the wiz kid for nothing.他们不叫我白白WIZ孩子。
被击倒时Lesson 10: Never say never!第10课:永远不要说永远!
弹药耗尽时No ammo? Time to get dirty.没有弹药?时间变脏。
Give us time to catch our breath.让我们有时间赶上我们的呼吸。
Guess I've not made those budget cuts.猜猜我还没有制成的预算削减。
All out. Soviet.全力以赴。苏联。
Zero times two, is still zero.零乘二,仍然是零。
My accountant says I need to find some rounds.我的会计师说,我需要找到一些子弹。
取得道具时Nuke(核弹)Your burning flesh, warms my heart.你燃烧的肉体,温暖我的心。
A cure for the living impaired.一个为生活治愈受损。
The use of nuclear determines is approved!核决定使用批准!
Double Points(双倍点数)I calculate success.我计算的成功。
Woo? Good math.胡?良好的数学。
Max Ammo(全弹药)An Exponential solution.一个指数解决方案。
I needed that.我需要的。
Finally full.最后十足。
Instant-Kill(标准击杀)It's knife time!这是刀的时间!
Here I come!我来了!
Carpenter(木匠)That will hold them for a few second.这将举办第二次的。
Fire Sale(便宜货)  
Bonfire Sale(优惠品)  
Death Machine(死亡机器)Bring on the gold.带来黄金。
取得Perk DrinksJuggernog(力量蛋奶酒)  
Quick Revive(快速复生苏打)Argh, did anyone check the expiration date?Argh,没有人检查到期日期?
Double Tap Root Beer(双塞麦根啤酒)Double tap. Increases rate of fire by 30 percent.枪王。提高30%的射速。
Speed Cola(速度可乐)Woo. Faster reloads are worth the money spent.胡。更快的重新加载是值得花的钱。
取得武器时M14A precise weapon for a man of precision.一个男人的精度精确武器。
OlympiaThis, is truth.这就是真理。
MPLThis gun doesn't suit my desk position, but it suits the situation.这枪不适合我的书桌位置,但它适合的情况。
MP5This will do.这都行。
An automatic carbine designed to fire pistol cartridges… genius!设计一个自动卡宾枪射击手枪盒... ...天才!
PM63SMG! Recommended use, short bursts for maximum elicitation of death.SMG!推荐使用,最大的启发短时间死亡。
StakeoutIt is time to fill their belies with red.它是用红色的时间,以填补其掩盖。
In order to do good, you may have to engage evil.为了做到好,你可能要从事罪恶。
Bowie KnifeHeads will roll.脑切掉
RPK700 rounds? 2 minutes of continuous fire? I prove.700轮? 2分钟的连续火?我证明。
China LakeEfficiency in corny.老土的效率。
Monkey BombHello, little monkey.你好,小猴子。
DragnovToday, I hunt death.今天,我寻找死亡。
Cz75This poorly made weapon requires a memo.这种劣质的武器需要一个备忘录。
GalilThis will suffice.这就够了。
Winter HowlI think I'll put them all ice.我想我把他们冻成冰
取得改造武器时R115 ResonatorAh, well worth the weight.嗯,非常值得的重量。
Ak74fu2Now this little thing ends.现在,这个小东西两端。
D115 DisassemblerNo more Mr. Nice secretary.没有更多的尼斯先生的秘书。
CalamityA weapon that is powerful as United States military.这个武器是美国军队的配置。
Winter's FuryGotta get few of these to USMC.弄到一些海军陆战队。
G16-GL35Let this weapon sing.让这个武器说话。
点数不够Pack-a-punchInsufficient funds…资金不足... ...
墙上武器Not enough money! Time to re-examine the budget!没有足够的钱!是时候重新审视预算!
神秘箱子Damn, my math was wrong!妈的,我的数学错了!

Richard Milhous Nixon

英语配音:Dave Mallow

与地图设施有关游戏开始时Ah, can we go find the power switch?啊,我们可以去找能量开关吗?
使用Pack-a-punchTic tack, tic tack, I'm gonna kick you and…(cough)Tic tack, tic tack,我要去踢你... ...(咳嗽)
I don't have all day, you stupid machine.我没有整天,你傻瓜机。
Hurry up. Hurry up.快点。快点。
This better be good. It cost enough.这最好是好的。它的成本就够了。
神秘箱子(熊)Just when I was getting to like you.正当我越来越喜欢你。
What kind of box is this?什么样的盒子是什么?
与战斗有关攻击时(击倒时)Yeah, yeah I'm good. Tell me something I don't know.是啊,是啊,我很好。告诉我一些我不知道。
Did you see that? Did you? Anyone? Dam it!你看到了吗?是吗?任何人?大坝吧!
I am that good.我好。
America! Hell yeah.美!地狱呀。
Okay, okay. Too close.好吧,好吧。太近。
What? What? Oh, I did that on purpose, okay?什么?什么?哦,我是故意的,好不好?
Is that all you got maybe I'm not talking enough.那是你了也许我不是说不够。
No, you cannot have a hug.不,你不能有一个拥抱。
No, no hug for you.不,没有你的拥抱。
If only you had a vote.只要你有一票。
Zed heads dead!ZED头死了!
That's right, you better die.这是正确的,你最好死。
One potato, two potato, three potato, blam!一个土豆,两个土豆,三个土豆,blam!
Got your gobble gobble right here freak!你个狼吞虎咽狼吞虎咽怪胎!
C'mon! You're not dead yet? Really?来吧!你不是死了吗?真的吗?
give me what I want!给我想要的!
I want your blood and I want your vote!我想你的血,我希望你的一票!
No Mr. Hippie, I expect you to die.无嬉皮先生,我希望你死。
Aoooonnnn….Aoooonnnn ...。
Many, penny, money, die!许多人,一分钱,钱,死!
Shut up. Just shut up!闭嘴。只要闭嘴!
You can't scratch my back, so I won't scratch yours.你可以不挠我的背,所以我不会划伤你的。
使用Winter's HowlAt last, what I like to see.最后,我想看到​​的。
Ah, stay cool, hippies.啊,保持冷静,嬉皮士。
I'll send you to the cooler.我会送你到更冷的地方。
使用Ray GunCan't you maggots explode a little quiet?你能不能安静一点?
Take no risks, suffer no defeats. Take no risks, when no victory.无风险,没有失败。无风险,无法取得胜利。
使用狙击枪时I hate aiming so low, it hurts my back.我恨目标如此之低,它伤害了我的后面。
用炸弹击倒时Boom! Goes the explosive.轰! GOES爆炸。
Killcam! Where's my killcam!Killcam!哪里是我的killcam!
受到伤害时No touchy.不敏感。
You dare touch a Quaker?你敢摸奎克?
Get off me you hippie!下车嬉皮!
Back off! These are Italian.后退!这些都是意大利人。
被击倒时I maybe down, but I'm not out!我可能下降,但我不出去!
I'm not dead! Not yet!我没有死!尚未!
被复活时You can't stop Tricky Dick!你不能停止整蛊迪克!
Nixon's back!尼克松回来了!
A man is not finished when defeated, only when he quits.一个人没有完成时败下阵来,只有当他退出。
弹药耗尽时What is this nonsense! Where are my rounds!这是什么话!哪里是我的回合!
Dam you hippies, I'm out of ammo!大坝你嬉皮士,我出的弹药!
Who needs ammo when you have looks like mine?谁需要弹药当你有像我这样的容貌?
I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for extra rounds today.我会很乐意支付额外的回合你今天星期二。
Well we'll die soon if I don't find some rounds!那么我们就会很快死亡,如果我不找些回合!
Ammo, anyone? Hello, I'm talking here?弹药,任何人?你好,我是说在这里?
Pass the ammo please. I said Please!请传递弹药。我说请!
取得道具时Nuke(核弹)Blow away!吹了!
Nuke-a doodle doo!NUKE - A涂鸦斗!
Double Points(双倍点数)I don't need your stinking points, I need your votes.我不需要你的臭点,我需要你的票。
Ah, who said that?啊,说谁?
Max Ammo(全弹药)That's it? Max is all I get?就这样? Max是我得到的?
This means we have to keep fighting, doesn't it?这意味着我们必须继续战斗,不是吗?
Instant-Kill(标准击杀)Nixon's revenge.尼克松的报复。
Carpenter(木匠)Finally got some help around here.在这里终于得到了一些帮助。
Fire Sale(便宜货)  
Bonfire Sale(优惠品)  
Death Machine(死亡机器)Die!死!
Now, we are talking.现在,我们说话。
取得Perk DrinksJuggernog(力量蛋奶酒)Oh, I feel good now.哦,我现在感觉很好。
Quick Revive(快速复生苏打)I guess this means I have to help.我想这意味着我有帮助。
Double Tap Root Beer(双塞麦根啤酒)Double tap? So I can do two phones?枪王?因此,我可以做两部手机?
Speed Cola(速度可乐)  
取得武器时M14Not bad. Not bad at all.不坏。一点也不坏。
OlympiaAll right, let's get this over with.好吧,让我们对与此。
MPLWell this is I can work with.嗯,这是我可以一起工作。
MP5KHere comes the Nix!尼克斯来了!
Winter's HowlSo ice to see you.很高兴见到冰
Ray GunWhere is this made? I don't trust it.这是在哪里呢?我不相信它。
G11I guess I can live with this.我想我能忍受这一点。
Yeah, yeah, I got a machine gun, ho, ho, ho, yeah, yeah.是啊,是啊,我得到了机枪,嗬,嗬,嗬,是啊,是啊。
FAMASAll right. I have a big gun. What do you want in return?所有权利。我有一个大的枪。你要什么回报?
Ah, this thing is heavy.啊,这东西是沉重的。
GalilDoes this mean I have to do something now?这是否意味着我必须做一些事情呢?
HS10Ah, this thing is gonna make a mess.啊,这东西是要去作一个烂摊子。
Cz75This is a conspiracy. I know it.这是一个阴谋。我知道这一点。
DragnovAh, just give me the rifle and I'll kill all the hippies I see.啊,只要给我的枪,我就杀了所有的嬉皮士我明白了。
取得改造武器时Winter's FuryThis is how you pack-a-punch.这是你如何包- A -一拳。
L115 IsolatorThat's right, you're gonna give me what I want.这是正确的,你要去给我我想要的。
G115 GeneratorThat took long enough, damn machine, thingies.这花了足够长的时间,该死的机器。
Porter's X2 Ray GunI might actually smile for this.我可能微笑这一点。
D115 DisassemblerI might actually smile, might.我可能真的微笑,可能。
墙上武器Argh… Taxing me like a democrat!Argh ...征税就像一个民主主义者!

Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz

英语配音:Gustavo Rex
Marion Correa


与地图设施有关游戏开始时Batteries are clearly not included!电池显然不包括在内!
Will someone please find the power?有人找到能源吗?
Only a capitalist nation would deprive their people of power.只有资本主义国家才会剥夺他们国民的权力。
使用Pack-a-punchI will wait as many days, as it is necessary.因为它是必要的,我愿意多等待几天。
Socialism requires patients, and I can wait for an eternity.社会主义需要耐心,我可以一直等待下去。
与战斗有关攻击时(击倒时)Hahaha, I am closer to heaven, than ever before!哈哈哈,现在的我比以往任何时候更接近天堂!
I bring you greetings, of a second death.我给你带来一秒种死亡的问候。
Hallo, you drop something.喂,你的东西掉了。
This time the revolution is Real!这一次革命是真实的!
Come closer, I have a surprise for you…靠近点,我有惊喜要给你...
Touch me again and I'll kill you again!再触摸我一次,我就会再杀你一次!
Oh yeah!噢!
I'll use your stale skin to wrap my cigars!我将使用你陈腐的皮肤来包裹我的雪茄!
Viva la Revolution!拉革命万岁!
For Cuba!为了古巴!
No man should live past the time where his body begins to deteriorate!没有人应该住过去的时候,他的身体开始恶化!
用炸弹击倒时No escape for who does live like parasites.谁都不能像寄生虫一样逃避生活。
They fall as easy as Batista, ha-ha!他们像巴蒂斯塔一样被击倒了,哈哈!
Let their cursed blood rain!让他们的诅咒血液雨!
受到伤害时Get your putrid fingers off my uniform, you filthy flesh eaters!你这个肮脏的食肉者,把你腐烂的手从我衣服上拿开。
被复活时Hah, the revolution comes with your heroism.哈,革命英雄主义自带的。
弹药不多时What is this, I am low on ammo!这是什么,我弹药不足!
弹药耗尽时Bullets! Bullets! My republic for some bullets!子弹!子弹!我国需要一些子弹救援!
No ammo? Time for a cigar break then.没有弹药?来根雪茄,休息会。
No more ammo? Fine, I will crush them with my fist.没有更多的弹药?好的,我会用我的拳头粉碎他们。
There could be no revolution without ammunition.没有弹药,可能没有革命。
I'm out. Knife work it is, then.我去了。接下来就用刀作为武器。
取得道具时Nuke(核弹)Beautiful devastation.美丽的破坏。
Damn you Khrushchev for denying me this!哎呀你拒绝我这个赫鲁晓夫!
Double Points(双倍点数)Only if I have double of the cigars, too.只有当我的雪茄双得。
I only accept this rise for the sake of the people!为了人民的利益,我只接受这个。
Max Ammo(全弹药)The Revolution will never die now.革命永远不会死了。
Carpenter(木匠)Now is the time to resupply.现在是要补给的时间。
Fire Sale(便宜货)  
Bonfire Sale(优惠品)  
Death Machine(死亡机器)  
取得Perk DrinksJuggernog(力量蛋奶酒)  
Quick Revive(快速复生苏打)I am a better comrade for this.有了这个,我将是个更好的同志。
Double Tap Root Beer(双塞麦根啤酒)I can get used to this root beer business.我习惯于这种麦根啤酒交易。
Speed Cola(速度可乐)I haven't moved this fast a year!近一年,我都没试过这么快的速度了。
取得武器时MP5KTime fore some CQC.CQC一些时间脱颖而出。
I smoke cigars better than this pie shooter.跟馅饼射手相比,雪茄我吸的比较好。
G11My time is now.现在是我的表现时间。
China LakeI'll raise this holly to oblivion!我会提出这冬青被遗忘!
FN FALThe hammer for the 26'th of July.对于七26'th锤。
SpectreThis is a honor!这是一种荣誉!
Winter's HowlI will make them colder than a capitalist!我会让他们觉得比资本主义还冷!
CommandoLet the revolution begin!让革命开始吧!
M72 LAWWho need cursive missiles when I have this?当我拥有这个的时候,谁还需要导弹呢?
取得改造武器时China BeachPrefecto, perhaps my cigar should have some pack-a-punch!Prefecto,也许我的雪茄应该有一些包- A -一拳!
PredatorI'ts playtime!娱乐时间!
M72 AnarchyAh, like the perfect cigars! Smooth and silky.啊,像完美的雪茄!如丝般光滑。
点数不够Pack-a-punchIf I were in Cuba this wouldn't happen!如果我在古巴,这一切将不会发生!
墙上武器You dare overpriced this!?你敢过高这个!?
神秘箱子The chaw who owns this box was raised by capitalist dogs!在嚼谁拥有此框上调资本主义的狗!



Space Monkey(空猴子)出  
Space Monkey(空猴子)出回合后  



Tank Denmpsey

与地图设施有关游戏开始时Hey, Treyarch! Can we get a new objective, please?嘿,Treyarch!我们可以得到一个新的目标,好吗?
谜样的声音后Err, was it just me or did you guys hear a voice?错误,是它只是我还是没有听到你们的声音?
使用Pack-a-punchEveryone says Tak is boring - and, maybe he is - but you always need that one stale guy to make the rest of us a little bit cooler.大家都说 Tak是枯燥的 - 而且,也许他是 - 但你总是需要的,一个过时的家伙让我们有一点点凉快。
I don't like that Richtofen. I think I've seen him before Shi No Numa, in fact, I don't remember much at all...我不喜欢这样Richtofen。我想我已经见过他施无NUMA,其实,我不记得在所有多...
与战斗有关攻击时(击倒时)Eat that!吃!
That just made my night.这是我的夜晚。
倒Space Monkey(空猴子)  
受到伤害时Back off!后退!
被复活时It was all Nikolai's fault!这是所有尼古拉的错!
弹药耗尽时Hey dude, you wanna get me some ammo?嘿伙计,你想获得我一些弹药?
Space Monkey(空猴子)出现时  
Double Points(双倍点数)  
Max Ammo(全弹药)  
Fire Sale(便宜货)I get to buy guns for half price? Awesome!我得买半价枪?真棒!
取得Perk DrinksJuggernog(力量蛋奶酒)  
Quick Revive(快速复生苏打)Some things get better with age, Revive Soda's not one of them!随着年龄的一些事情变得更好,苏打不是其中之一!
Speed Cola(速度可乐)Nothing goes down like a bucket of slime.任何停机像泥桶。
Stamin-Up(精力上升)Whoa, that was sour.哇,那是酸的。
PhD FlopperPhD变节者)I can't stand prunes.我不能忍受修剪。
取得武器时Gersch Device(黑洞炸Holly hell, this is cool!地狱,酷!
Perk Drinks  
发现Easter Egg播放歌曲时  
此角色的Matryoshka Doll(俄斯套娃炸)的台DempseyHey Good Looking!嘿好看!
NicolaiYour Breath Smells Like Death.你的口气闻起来像死亡。
TakeoHey Hey What Up Tak?嘿嘿什么最多?
RichtofenYou Suck Richtofen.你去干掉Richtofen

Takeo Masaki

与地图设施有关游戏开始时With the switch of the honorable, we´ll breath new life into this place.随着开关的光荣,我们将呼吸到这个地方的新生活。
使用Pack-a-punchNikolai's presence brings me dishonor. He tries to drown the past. It will consume him one day.尼古拉的存在带给我的耻辱。他试图掩盖过去。这将消耗他的一天。
与战斗有关攻击时(击倒时)Remember my name, Takeo!记住我的名字,武夫!
Passing threw.传递扔。
Haha! Like a miso soup!哈哈!像味噌汤!
倒Space Monkey(空猴子)  
弹药耗尽时I may be out, but it's not over!我可以出,但还没有结束!
No ammo, no weapons. Now the real fight begins!没有弹药,没有武器。现在,真正的战斗开始了!
No guns, no problem.没有枪,没有问题。
Space Monkey(空猴子)出现时  
Double Points(双倍点数)  
Max Ammo(全弹药)  
取得Perk DrinksJuggernog(力量蛋奶酒)Juggernog is fuel for honor!Juggernog是燃料的荣幸!
Quick Revive(快速复生苏打)A taste that reminds me of home.这个味道让我想起了家。
Speed Cola(速度可乐)I love S-s-s-sp-peed COLA!我爱可乐~
Stamin-Up(精力上升)That would go well with Revive Soda.这将很好地去兴纯碱。
PhD FlopperPhD变节者)This...makes my eyes water.这... ...让我的眼水。
取得武器时DragunovEach head burst will only add to my honor!每头爆裂,只会增加我的荣幸!
Yes, the real challenge!是的,真正的挑战!
Perk Drinks  
发现Easter Egg播放歌曲时  
此角色的Matryoshka Doll(俄斯套娃炸)的台DempseyYou Ugly American.你丑陋的美国人。
NicolaiI Will Not Work For You!我不再为你工作!
TakeoFor The Emperor!为皇帝!
RichtofenGood Day Doctor! 

Nicolai Belinski / Николай Белинский

与地图设施有关游戏开始时Hey guys! No power!嘿家伙!没有力量!
谜样的声音后I will help you, but only if you get me some vodka.我会帮你,但前提是你我一些伏特加。
使用Pack-a-punchI don't trust Takeo, I think he is up to something. Maybe he has been playing around with the monkey bomb.我不信任武夫,我认为他是最多的东西。也许他一直在玩弄的猴子炸弹。
Dempsey: I like him because he is brave, like 3rd wife. He is going to die one day but he will take many with him, like 4th wife.登普西:我喜欢他,因为他勇敢。像我的第三个妻子。
与战斗有关攻击时(击倒时)I warned you, hell spawn.我警告你,地狱产卵。
One strike to kill you.一击杀死你。
Enjoy hell!享受地狱!
I kill them fast, so I have more time for vodka.我会很快杀了他们,所以我有更多的伏特加酒时间。
Ah! This is too easy! Let me try closing my eyes.啊!这是太简单了!让我尝试关闭我的眼睛。
No mercy for you.没有你的怜悯。
用炸弹击倒时Hey! That was good shot! No?嘿!这是好球!没有?
I think I shot off your arm. You probably know that already.我觉得我拍断你的手臂。你也许知道了。
倒Space Monkey(空猴子)  
受到伤害时If you touch me, I kill you! Sounds like a fare trade.如果你摸我,我杀了你!听起来像一个票价贸易。
My ex-wife hits harder than you.我的前妻比你更难打。
被击倒时I'm going down!我要下去!
弹药耗尽时No ammo!没有子弹!
My weapon is hungry for ammo!我的武器弹药是饿了!
Fuck! Out of ammo!他妈的!出于弹药!
I give too many of my bullets away.我给过我的子弹离多。
Space Monkey(空猴子)出现时  
取得道具时Nuke(核弹)Everywhere their exploding!他们到处爆炸!
Double Points(双倍点数)  
Max Ammo(全弹药)My weapon is filled with bullets, my body is filled with vodka. All is good.我的武器子弹填满,我的身体充满了伏特加酒。一切都很好。
Instant-Kill(标准击杀)Come to Nicolai little zombies.快来!尼古拉小僵尸。
取得Perk DrinksJuggernog(力量蛋奶酒)  
Quick Revive(快速复生苏打)I do not like this drink, it ruins my buzz我不喜欢这种饮料,她毁坏了嗡嗡声
Speed Cola(速度可乐)  
PhD FlopperPhD变节者)  
取得武器时MPLThis, I cannot wait to use.对此,我迫不及待地使用。
Ray GunI could have used these from my last fight.我可以用这些来进行我的最后一战。
Perk Drinks  
发现Easter Egg播放歌曲时A song! Let us dance. Yepi-daie-shiha♪ Yepi-danda-dun-bang!一首歌曲!让我们跳舞。夜啤,daie-什哈♪夜啤,丹达 - 敦砰!
此角色的Matryoshka Doll(俄斯套娃炸)的台DempseyOh..Hi Demspey!噢...嗨Demspey!
NicolaiHey..You Look Like My Sister!..你看起来象我的姐姐!
TakeoYour Eyes Are Empty Takeo.你的眼睛是空的武夫。
RichtofenI Hate You Richtofen!我恨你Richtofen!

Edward Richtofen

与地图设施有关游戏开始时Why is there no power? Where did all the color go? Who am I talking to?为什么没有权力呢?如果做了所有的颜色去了?我是谁说话?
If given enough time I could create a generator from spare parts- why is it black and white now?如果有足够的时间我可以创建零件,为什么黑色和白色的呢?发电机
Dempsey must be the one turning off the power... he probably stole all the color too.登普西必须是一个关闭电源...他偷走了所有可能的颜色了。
Who keeps turning off the power wherever we go? And now taken the color? WHO IS DOING THIS!?谁保持关闭电源的地方,我们去了?而现在采取的颜色?谁是这样做!?
I think that mad Dempsey stole all the color, and HE keeps turning off the power. Oh I hate you Dempsey.我认为狂登普西偷走所有的颜色,和他不断关闭电源。哦,我恨你登普西。
谜样的声音后Usually the voices sound so angry!一般地,声音听起来很生气!
使用Pack-a-punchThe doctor is in!医生在里面!
与战斗有关攻击时(击倒时)Ahaha! Ahaha! Die!Ahaha! Ahaha!死!
It's like mowing a lawn of flesh...这就像修剪草坪的肉... ...
Die you demon!死去!
The insides of your head are delicious!你的头里面是好吃的!
The screams of the dead fills my heart with joy!死者的尖叫声充满了喜悦我的心!
Why do the voices sound so ANGRY?为什么声音听起来很生气?
Gather around, gather around... it's story time, my children...围观,围观...它的故事时,我的孩子... ...
用炸弹击倒时BOOM...Goes the corpses.BOOM ... GOES的尸体。
Now you could fit into a gumball machine... and I could have a piece of you for a quarter. WHO HAS A QUARTER!? Dempsey???现在你可以装到口香糖机...我能有你的四分之一片。世卫组织有季!?登普西??
They are so small now, I can put them in my pocket.他们现在这么小,我可以把我的口袋。
用Thunder Gun击倒时DON'T LOOK DO- oh, too late.不看,哦,太晚了。
The power! ...Oh look, they all fall down.力量! ... ...哦,看,他们都塌下来了。
Oh, that must hurt so good.哦,那一定很伤害。
Fly... Fly Children! FLY!飞... ...飞孩子! FLY!
倒Space Monkey(空猴子)  
被大群僵尸包围时I see one, two, thr-- oh shit.我看到一,二,三 - 哦狗屎。
受到伤害时NEIN! My turn!NEIN!轮到我了!
被击倒时I'm not dead! ...Not yet.我没有死! ... ...还没有。
弹药耗尽时The doctor needs to find ammo!医生需要找到弹药!
With out proper ammo I cannot give them proper death.没有足够的弹药我不能让他们死
This weapon is empty!这个武器是空的!
The ammo is low!弹药太少~
Dempsey! did you steal my ammo?登普西!你偷我的弹药?
Space Monkey(空猴子)出现时Next Time they should take first class.下一次,他们应该做头等仓。
取得道具时Nuke(核弹)Oh ze little demons go boom!哦小恶魔去死!
Double Points(双倍点数)Double the points, double the death, double the fun.双点,双死亡,双重的乐趣。
Max Ammo(全弹药)  
Carpenter(木匠)Well, this place did need a remodel.那么,这个地方确实需要改造。
取得Perk DrinksJuggernog(力量蛋奶酒)Ah good, I was getting parched.好,我是越来越热。
Quick Revive(快速复生苏打)Blah! Gets me every time.废话!我的每一次。
Speed Cola(速度可乐)This drink is my favorite, I cannot express how much I enjoy it's infinite taste and exceptional finish这是我最喜欢喝,我无法表达我是多么喜欢它的无限情趣和出色
Stamin-Up(精力上升)With this The Doctor can go for a very long time...有了这个医生可以走了很长一段时间... ...
PhD FlipperIt has "Doctor" in the title. Just like me!它号称"医生"。就像我!
取得武器时Gersch Device(黑洞炸Why is there no Ricthofen device?为什么没有Ricthofen设备?
Perk Drinks  
the inflation is killing me...通货膨胀杀了我... ...
发现Easter Egg播放歌曲时I do like the sound of this one. It tickles my special place!我不喜欢这一个声音。它挠痒我特别的地方!
此角色的Matryoshka Doll(俄罗斯套娃炸弹的台词DempseyBig Dempsey you're SOOO BIIIG!登普西,你个傻逼~
NicolaiAch, don't breath on me!唉,不要朝我呼息!
TakeoOh hi Takeo! 武夫!
RichtofenNyahaha! Stop tickling me!Nyahaha!停止搔痒我!

Ascension 收音机

"(STATIC) I give you my sincere gratitude for that... but, down to business, I am pleased to report all projects are running smoothly again after these here personal changes. As I had previously mentioned. Yuri Kravcheski is a brilliant scientist, but it he has been so far incapable of handling "Project Mercury" - or as you call it, "the Gersch Device". (a slight chuckle), and so do to numerous setbacks and delays I am forced to transfer Yuri to AK64-A experiments. I have decided that your nephew should take his place. I look forward to working with him directly. The recent incident with the Kassimir Mechanism leaves no doubt in my mind, that this is the right decision. The explosion caused the Mechanism significant damage - it will take time to re-manufacture all of the parts - unless some can be salvaged. (STATIC)"
— Gersch
"我给你我该表示衷心的感谢... ...但是,正事,我很高兴地报告所有项目顺利运行后,这些人在这里再次发生变化。正如我以前提到的。尤里Kravcheski是一个辉煌的科学家,但他一直到目前为止,处理“水星计划”不能 - 或者你叫它“的Gersch设备”。 (微微一笑道),所以做了许多挫折,我被迫转移尤里到AK64- A实验延误。我已经决定,你的侄子应该接替他的位置。我期待着与他一起工作直接。与Kassimir机制最近发生的事件留在我心中毫无疑问,这是正确的决定。爆炸所造成的重大损害的机制 - 这将需要时间来重新制造的部件都 - 除非一些可以废物利用。"

"(STATIC-)Rockets! He transfers me to work on rockets! These experiments require no finesse, no imagination! My intellect is ill served blasting a bunch of monkeys into the atmosphere! (Sigh) But I can’t fight Gersch on this. I was able to hold onto my keys, (STATIC) as well as my research. No one else here understands what "Project Mercury" is capable of. Until then, this lab will have to do – wait: is that a matryoshka doll? Did someone let a child in-?(STATIC)"
— Yuri
"火箭队!他转移到我工作的火箭!这些实验要求没有技巧,没有想象力!我的理智生病担任爆破到大气中的一群猴子! (叹气)不过,我可以不打这个Gersch。我能守住我的钥匙,(静态),以及我的研究。这里没有其他人了解什么是“水星计划”是有能力的。在此之前,该实验室将不得不做 - 等待:是一个俄罗斯套娃娃?是否有人让孩子在?"

"STATIC) -found a box today. Some lebanke left his teddy bear in it - a disgusting and filthy toy! Who keeps bringing that child onto this base?! Thank God they did not take the diary: the things I have learned about the Element (STATIC). I'll have to conduct these experiments on my own, away from the destructive hands of Gersch! His research in Project Mercury has stalled, but will HE be transferred?! I doubt it! As long as Project (STATIC) is on track, his friends at(STATIC) I must think small. (STATIC)"
— Yuri
"今天发现的一个盒子。有些lebanke留在它自己的玩具熊 - 一个恶心和肮脏的玩具!谁保持到这个基地,使孩子?感谢上帝,他们没有采取日记:我所了解的元素(STATIC)学到的东西。我要进行我自己的这些实验中,远离Gersch破坏性手中!他在水星计划的研究已经停滞,但他会被转移?我对此表示怀疑!只要项目(静态)的轨道,他的朋友在(STATIC)我必须想。"

"(STATIC) I assure you that our craft will be far superior to whatever the Americans... or should I say, Canadians (heh) are developing. Finally, Project Thunder is nearing completion. My staff has assured me that the remaining limitations of the effective range and power cells will be solved within the next few months - oh, and also - you should know that Doctor Kravcheski does not appear to be adjusting to his new position. He has been hostile towards the other scientists - at least, more than usual - and has frequently been seen muttering to himself. The transition must have been hard for him, but if he does not learn his place soon... I may require another, more competent scientist to replace (him)-. (STATIC)"
— Gersch
"我向你们保证,我们的船将远远优于任何美国人...或者我应该说,加拿大人(港灯)的发展。最后,项目雷霆已接近尾声。我的工作人员向我保证的有效范围和功率电池的剩余限制将解决在未来数个月 - 哦,也 - 你应该知道,医生Kravcheski似乎并没有被调整到他的新职位。他一直对其他科学家敌对 - 至少比平时多 - 而且经常被认为对自己喃喃自语。过渡一定是他很难,但如果他不学习他的地方很快...我可能需要另一个更称职的科学家来代替(他) - ..."

"(STATIC) They're entering my head! Always my head! I can't hinter, I can't, OOF, I can't stop it! Keep it out! I want you to LEAVE ME ALONE!!! Calm down there! Calm down! No, no I won't! ShutTheShutTheFuckUpSTOP! J-Just stop! Fine... Okay, okay, I will- (STATIC)"
— Yuri
"他们进入我的头!始终我的头!我不能微调,我不能,OOF,我不能阻止它!保持它了!我希望你离开我一个人!冷静下来那里!冷静下来!不,不,我不会! ShutTheShutTheFuckUpSTOP! J -就停止!精细...好吧,好吧,我会 - "

"(STATIC) This had better be good Yuri: the fact that you're in this lab again is reason enough to have you permanently removed! (Mutters something) (STATIC)"
— Gersch
"Do not worry, you won't be disappointed (chuckles). In fact, I'm sure you won't forget it! ...But I can't take all the credit. If you will, er, do the honors."
— Yuri
(Gersch pushes a button, and a sound similar to an activated Gersch Device is heard. Then:)
"这最好是好尤里:事实上,你在这个实验是足够的理由又是你永久删除! (嘟囔东西)"
"“别担心,你不会失望(笑),事实上,我相信你不会忘记吧!... ...但我不能把所有的功劳,如果你愿意,呃,

"Having Fun?!"
— Samantha Maxis
"What the-?!"
— Gersch
(Electricity surges)
— Samantha Maxis
“什么 - ?”
— Gersch

"No! No! Yuri, you-!(screams as he is presumably sucked into the void and killed)"
— Gersch
"(Laughs evilly) You fat pig! Enjoy your bed! Heheheh, heh... Oh no. No! NoNoNoNo! NoNoNoNoNo! What have I done?!
— Yuri
“不!不!尤里,你 - !(尖叫声,他大概是吸进无效,死亡)”
- Gersch
“(笑邪恶)你肥猪!享受你的床!Heheheh,嘿... ...哦,不,不!NoNoNoNo!NoNoNoNoNo!我做了什么?我做了什么 - ?(静态)”
- 尤里

Call of the Dead

Danny Trejo

英语配音:Danny Trejo
日语配音:江川 大輔

Call of the Dead中登场的可操作角色之一。
主要出演作品:“Machete”、“Predators”、“Spy Kids”系列

Double Points(双倍点数)  
Max Ammo(全弹药)  
Fire Sale(便宜货)  
取得Perk DrinksJuggernog(力量蛋奶酒)  
Quick Revive(快速复生苏打)  
Double Tap Root Beer(双塞麦根啤酒)  
Speed Cola(速度可乐)  
发现Easter Egg   

Sarah Michelle Gellar

英语配音:Sarah Michelle Gellar
日语配音:田中 敦子

Call of the Dead中登场的可操作角色之一。
主要出演作品:“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”、“Scream 2”

Double Points(双倍点数)  
Max Ammo(全弹药)  
Fire Sale(便宜货)  
取得Perk DrinksJuggernog(力量蛋奶酒)  
Quick Revive(快速复生苏打)  
Double Tap Root Beer(双塞麦根啤酒)  
Speed Cola(速度可乐)  
发现Easter Egg   

Robert Englund

英语配音:Robert Englund
日语配音:江原 正士

Call of the Dead中登场的可操作角色之一。
主要出演作品:“A Nightmare on Elm Street”系列、“Zombie Strippers”

与地图设施有关游戏开始时Gorge is gone. Were on our own.Gorge走了。这里属于我们了。
与战斗有关攻击时(击倒时)No more mister nice guy!没有更多的好人了!
I'm your worst nightmare!我是你最可怕的噩梦!
I'm nobody's sandwich, zombie!我的三明治,僵尸!
被复活时That was a little too close.这是一个有点过于密切。
弹药耗尽时What? I'm spose to fight bear handed? Should I take my shirt off too?什么?我徒手打你?我应该把我的衬衣脱掉吗?
Is there an ammo store around here?是否有一个弹药存放在这里?
Double Points(双倍点数)  
Max Ammo(全弹药)Hallelujah!哈利路亚!
Fire Sale(便宜货)  
取得Perk DrinksJuggernog(力量蛋奶酒)  
Quick Revive(快速复生苏打)  
Double Tap Root Beer(双塞麦根啤酒)  
Speed Cola(速度可乐)  
发现Easter Egg   

Michael Rooker

英语配音:Michael Rooker
日语配音:ふくまつ 進紗

Call of the Dead中登场的可操作角色之一。
主要出演作品:“The Walking Dead”、“Jumper”

弹药耗尽时I'm gonna be deader then a doornail if I don't get some ammo here.我会死的很惨,如果我没有在这里得到一些弹药。
Double Points(双倍点数)  
Max Ammo(全弹药)  
Fire Sale(便宜货)  
取得Perk DrinksJuggernog(力量蛋奶酒)  
Quick Revive(快速复生苏打)  
Double Tap Root Beer(双塞麦根啤酒)  
Speed Cola(速度可乐)  
发现Easter Egg